Words that will make you laugh

The semester is coming to an end and the staff and students have gone through a lot. With AP test finished and finals just around the corner, we could all use a little laugh.

Some of the funniest things in the world are words. With funny words, they can make you feel better about yourself. They can also help you through hard times.

Sophomore Connor Lallak says that funny words are funny by their sound.

“Whenever I hear of a funny word, I can’t help but smile,” Lallak said. “Some funny words I know are abibliophobia, brouhaha, gastromancy and goombah. I think that the way they sound is funny and makes me remember random things. For example, goombah makes me think of those things in Mario.”

Usually a new word is hard to pronounce. Junior Thomas Kee said that the way you say a word you don’t know is an awkward, silly feeling.

“Canoodle, fuddy-duddy and troglodyte are funny words I know, “Kee said. “ These words are hard to pronounce. They also make me think of other things. They make me feel awkward, silly, and uncertain.”

When something new comes around, it makes you think how different it is compared to other things. Sophomore Broady Pittman finds the uniqueness in funny words adds to the joke.

“What makes a funny word funny is its curiosity,” Pittman said. “I think of the fact of how I have never heard of it and it makes me laugh. Words like sialoquent, namby-pamby and panjandrum makes me wonder about its meaning and why it means that.”

With hard work just ahead and little time to relax, please enjoy the link below to the top 100 funniest words and get ready to feel silly, awkward and curious when you read them.


100 funniest words link