It is called glamping

New and improved way to camp out

It is called glamping

The camping trip to out rival any other camping trip, a little thing called GLAMPING. How would you like to have a television and game system in your tent? How about a queen sized bed or maybe even electricity? Well that’s what glamping is all. Glamping is a new aged form of camping that sweeping across America.  Glamping stands for glamorous camping which means you can now experience camping the luxurious way. Whether you’re in a tent or tree house you will have a whole new look on camping. There are no sleeping bags, uncomfortable sleep on the ground, or pesky bug’s in your tent.

Glamping originally came from over sea then came to America back in 1900 when people would go on safaris.  Naturally people who can afford to go glamping where not so comfortable leaving their own luxuries back home. So they would be in need of housing and other necessities while they were on the journey.

Once industry’s caught wind of this they set out to create a way to still experience nature and roughing it without actually having to rough it. There are many different kinds of living when you want to go glamping there are tents, villas, huts, cubes, eco pods, yurts, teepees, treehouses, airstreams, eco/safari lodges and cabins. The option of your stay can depend on where you choose to go on your trip and what type of experience you want to have.

Most glamping sites are out of the country like in the tropics, London, and Middle East. If your look to get the chance to try glamping without leaving the country the Indianapolis motor speed way is having its first ever glamping option.

500 race fans finally get to experience the race without pitching a tent or sleeping bags. Starting May 22-26 fans get to stay for four nights and 5 days up to 2 people. This includes legends day Coors light carb day and the Indy 500. Some of the tents are priced as low as $650 all the way up to $1,100. Pricy, yes.

But it is well worth it when you get to sleep in a queen sized bed, have private bathroom facilities with a shower and an actually tarp floor instead of the hard ground. Sounds like paradise, but if you are not into the race then there are other glamping spots around the US. Whether you want to take a vacation to the tropics or a quiet hike in the forest there are plenty of places to go explore and enjoy the ever-growing glamour’s camping.