Flashback to the 80s

Fashion trends from the 80s making a comeback to the streets

Fashion has evolved through the decades to set trends and change the views of fashion. Trends such as skinny acid wash jeans are making a scene for the teens of today. The young adults see fashion as their personality being shown to the world, in the 1980s what people wore showed their music interest and what kind of colorful person they were.

The 80s fashion consisted more of disco pants, skinny jeans and parachute pants that caught the eyes of many. People now mix skinny jeans to any style whether its elegant, classic, grunge or goth punk. To get the vintage style skinny jeans or even high waisted you can check out Urban Outfitters and Nastygal, they provide the public with many different designs.


Accessories was a big addition to an outfit, by putting statement earrings that reach your shoulders or that covered your whole ear. These small additions could change a whole outfit from plain to trendy.

Iona and Andie from Pretty in Pink are great examples of statement fashion in the 80s. Both used there thrifty finds to show their inner fashionista.


Bold colors was a huge movement for the 80s mostly inspired by the different singers and actors like MC Hammer and Cyndi Lauper. Bold colors could be shown with leg warmers that are bright neon colors or accents on blouse and shirts.

Many designers such as Jeremy Scott uses the 80s bold bright colors in his fashion lines along with flower power prints that came back for the summer. Bold colored leggings is a great way to add liveliness to a simple dress. The neon colored trend has been creeping its way back to the runway of Ben Davis and making great outfits for all.


Blazers have made a scene that made a great come back and shown the classic side of students. Junior Gabby West has styled her light blue Blazer with a leather skirt creating a chic outfit.

“Blazers can be dressed up or down depending on how you want it too look like,” West said.


Fashion will always grow on classic ideas to create new looks for the future.