A red-hot class

Learning to weld can lead to a lucative career

“Welding is fusing two pieces of metal together with the application of extreme heat.”

That is how welding teacher Nathan Furney explains his class in one sentence. Yet anyone who visits his classroom knows there is a lot more involved in this trade.

Furney has taught at Ben Davis for 10 years, gained his master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University and got his undergraduate from Indiana State. Besides teaching welding, he also teaches ETE courses.

Furney’s room is in the career center in J105. Welding involves learning a lot about safety and taking care of equipment.

“There is a huge need for qualified welders,” Furney said. “It is a career with good pay and you  learn a skilled trade. This class can lead to a lucrative career.”

If this is something that interests you, then you can prepare by having a great work ethic and the desire to learn a new talent. Most of class time is spent in the welding lab.

Welding is a dual credit course supplying seven credits from Vincennes and co-op opportunities that allow you to leave for work at noon during senior year. It can also help teach you successful job skills for employment for when you graduate.

“Not to be scared, and it’s a fun program to take,” senior Nick Moore said when asked what advice he would give new students.

What is the most interesting part of class? “Being able to weld every day,” Moore said.

Whether you’re new or old to the school, you should check out this red-hot class.