Inspiring entertainment

Music that stirs the soul

Music is a part of life. Whether you listen to it, play it, or both, it’s just a part of daily life.

Music is a thing that is almost therapeutic to some people. Entertainment, overall, is therapeutic. Music has been scientifically proven to affect a person’s mood. It also helps people overcome struggles in life.

According to sophomore Madison Mattias, the song “Hey September” by Anthony Amorim, has helped her overcome a lot in her life.

Matthias also said, “I feel like the movie ‘Fight Club’ and the book ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ have really helped me.”

Sophomore John Owen said, “As far as movies go, I’d say ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’ have helped me overcome things. Neither of those films are particularly positive or happy, but their themes and the way they send their message is what inspires me and it helps me connect it to problems in real life.

“For bands I’d say Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, and Rob Zombie. They’re not the greatest artists ever, but they really put me in a good mood and remind me of how energetic I can be.”

Owen also listens to sad music when he’s sad.

“When I’m depressed I sometimes listen to angry type of bands, like Darkthrone or Slayer,” Owen said. “Their music is really angry which is what I sometimes feel like during depressed times. But when I’m bouncing back, I turn to more fun, hard rock stuff.”

According to Psychology Today, we listen to sad music to help us connect to what we’re feeling and know that we’re not the only ones to feel the way that we do.

Whatever your passion is, music is sure to have a bonding effect.