Live in the moment

Why we like going to concerts

Live in the moment

At some point in our lives, we’ve been to a concert. Everybody likes seeing their favorite band or artist do a live performance right in front of them.

But why do we like concerts? I mean, yeah, everyone likes going to them, but why?

One reason is simply the raw energy there is at a concert. Sure, you can listen to the artist’s music on your phone, but that doesn’t come close to being a part of the sweaty, hot and loud energy you get at something like a concert.

And there’s always something special about seeing your favorite artist play their own music. It really is something that can’t be matched.

Another reason is something I actually got to experience. If you’re at a smaller show, there’s always a chance you’ll meet the band. When I went and saw Mike Gordon’s solo band, I actually met and shook hands with him. He even signed my ticket.

Meeting someone who’s work you admire is something special.

Another reason could be travelling for the show if it isn’t in your home state. It is fun to get up early and travel one or two states away just for a four hour concert. You make a lot of memories with the friends you go with, which is always fun.

Another reason could be to discover new music. Say your friend offers you a ticket to go see their favorite band, but you don’t anything about that band. That’d be an awesome time to go discover what your friend listens to.

Going to concerts is definitely something everyone should do at some point in their life. Nothing really compares to the energy and fun you can have at a concert. If you haven’t ever gone to one, find time to go. I can almost guarantee you will have a wonderful time.