Johanna takes on Lollapalooza

Senior student goes on a road trip to Chicago for weekend music festival

What: Lollapalooza Music Festival

Where: Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois

When: August 2-4, 2013

Who I saw: 

Friday – Crystal Castles, Monsta, the Killers, Flux Pavilion

Sunday – Wild Nothing, Alex Clare, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, and Phoenix


Music festivals are a great investment you should definitely consider if you enjoy watching your favorite bands and eating different types of food. Lollapalooza is a three day festival filled with talented music artists to hear and discover. Lollapalooza is a worldwide event that can be viewed on social networks and television. Many photographers for newspapers, magazines and television stations gathered to cover festival’s musical artists and atmosphere.

Fortunately, I went to the first and last day of Lollapalooza. Since this was my second visit to the festival, I was somewhat prepared for what came up. Planning routes and what bands to see next were the first things that had to be done. Preparing and deciding what to bring was hard, since I would not be able to dance with a huge bag. When going to a musical festival, going simple and only bringing the necessities is the way to go. It had rained the first day, so the whole park was covered in mud. I would say the mud would be my least favorite part, since people were throwing mud and the stage divers would smear mud on your head and clothes. Although the mud stuck until the end of the night, it was still wonderful to see the bands play with the relaxing weather and beautiful skyline in the background.

The one thing I was ecstatic to visit was the farmers market that was part of the many food tents to visit. It was mainly for the vegetarians and vegans, and as vegans, my sister and I tried the many types of foods that were made freshly with organic, vegan-friendly ingredients. Not only did the festival have the farmers market, but it also has many other tents to visit full of different food, fashion, and art vendors.

There is no doubt that those days were the best days of my life.