Artistic seniors shine

Seniors show off their art at this years SWEAT


It’s that time of the year where the senior art students spend their time preparing for SWEAT (seniors with extraordinary artistic talent), this show takes place every year for the seniors that have taken an art class the second semester of the year, to showcase their art work from when they started making art to now. Each student is given an area to place their work and with the space provided they are to showcase anyway they would like. This event is welcome to any student that has taken an art class before this semester.  Many students take this chance to show their family and friends their art.

“SWEAT is just the culmination of the art department each year. I love this night because it is such a special night to spend with just our seniors and we get to see how much they have grown since sophomore year, and what their talents have become. I love it I love it I LOVE IT! We all have so much fun and get to wrap up the school year with such a great event” art teacher Allison Kegley said.

Students take this learning experience to the next level by building large forms to display their delicate artwork. It’s a start for those students that want to continue on with their art in the future. In the past shows students have created large figures such as walk-in displays for the audience to interact with the art.

“We provide panels for the students to use for their display and I have seen some that have constructed great pieces,” said art teacher Justin Allison.

Art students take this time to take their first step as an artist and creating their own gallery. These students are to have an artist statement that explains why they create art, what inspires them, when they started or how they plan on continuing their work. Its opportunity for the students to reflect on their art career from when they started to now. Seeing what has improved or what needs improving is great for students to learn to create more.

“Students can’t  help but be affected inspirationally by the art, it celebrates art for a lifetime,” art teacher Justin Allison said.

The event date is May 31st and begins at 7:00 am and ends at 9:30 pm. Free to the public