Cannon IV partners in educating Wayne Township students

Cannon IV is impacting learning and teaching in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township through its recent $5,000 gift to the Wayne Township Education Foundation.  This gift builds on a successful partnership that has been growing for many years.  Cannon IV’s commitment to local communities is creating new opportunities and hands-on experiences for students.

Cannon IV’s Vice President of Sales, Jeff Jones, commented, “Cannon IV is very proud to be a business partner of Wayne Township’s.  The more we work with them the more we want to be involved.  As a large school district we find their consistency in developing staff and students, leading in technology and the order / cleanliness of their buildings quite amazing.”

These funds will provide opportunities for teachers in Wayne Township to create lessons and implement programs that help students make personal and hands-on connections to the curriculum, impacting their academic achievement.  The Wayne Township Education Foundation believes every student is important; that teacher ideas should be embraced, encouraged, and funded; that parent and community involvement in the education process is essential; and that enabling student achievement creates successful citizens and community leaders.  Cannon IV’s partnership will impact classrooms and provide new ways for students to think about the world.  For additional information about ways to become involved with the Wayne Township Education Foundation, call 317-988-7966 or check out

Beyond the philanthropy of helping students, Cannon IV and the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township are cutting costs and improving workflow.  To learn more about these improvements read the story .