BPA’s District Leadership Conference results

The following Ben Davis High School Business Professionals of America members had top 10 finishes at the District Leadership Conference, held Saturday, January 18, 2014 at Danville Community High School. Ben Davis had 41 students advanced to state. State will be held March 16-18. 2014 at the Downtown Marriott.

*Denotes State Qualifiers

Fundamental Accounting

5th Place–Michael Chacon*

3rd Place–Heather Metcalf*

Advanced Accounting

8th Place–Jessica Martinez*

7th Place–James Hodges*

6th Place–Mariana Lovera*

4th Place–Destinee Thornton*

3rd Place–David Carney*

District Champion–Irving Salinas*

Accounting Using QuickBooks

5th Place–Geovanny Centeno*

4th Place–Aleisia Detch*

3rd Place–Randy Crook*

2nd Place–Michael Ladera*

1st Place–Angel Roldan*

Payroll Accounting

10th Place–James Hodges*

8th Place–Jessica Martinez*

7th Place–Mariana Lovera*

6th Place–Heather Metcalf*

5th Place–David Carney*

2nd Place–Randy Crook*

District Champion–Irving Salinas

Banking & Finance

9th Place–Michael Chacon*

Financial Analyst Team

District Champions–Geovanny Centeno, Christian De La Rosa, and Michael Ladera*


3rd Place–Trae’ Boyd*

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications

2nd Place–Benjamin Shi*

Integrated Office Applications

10th Place–Brianna Blakely*

8th Place–Melany Castaneda*

6th Place–Karissa Hutchens

Fundamental Desktop Publishing

5th Place–Karissa Hutchens*

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures

4th Place–Max Pugh*

Administrative Support Team

3rd Place–Max Pugh and Briana Smith

Interview Skills

District Champion–Karla Fernandez*

Prepared Speech

4th Place–Connie Brahm

Extemporaneous Speech

4th Place–Farida Falke

3rd Place–Karla Fernandez*

District Champion–Connie Brahm*

Digital Publishing with InDesign

6th Place–Desiree McMillan*

4th Place–Farida Falke*

3rd Place–Deante McCloud*

District Champion–Jaden Modesitt*

Visual Basic Programming

4th Place–Quinn Schaffer*

Java Programming

District Champion–Quinn Schaffer*

Fundamentals of Web Design    (Clean sweep by Debbie Davidson’s students!)

10th Place–Ben Shi*

9th Place–Ellis Gray*

8th Place–Dewayne White*

7th Place–Tyler Fussner*

6th Place–Sarah Guess-Welsh*

5th Place–Kristina Ramljak*

4th Place–Logan Holland*

3rd Place–Angelica Nolan*

2nd Place–Justin Perryman*

District Champion–Stephanie Wallace*

Digital Media Production

3rd Place–Kodi Patrino*

2nd Place–Alex Sutton*

District Champion–Patty Garcia*

Graphic Design Promotion

4th Place–Sarah Guess-Welsh

3rd Place–Logan Holland*

2nd Place–Liam Logsdon*

District Champion–Haley Runyon*

Financial Math & Analysis–Open Event

10th Place–Farida Falke

6th Place–Destinee Thornton

4th Place–Max Pugh

District Champion–Ben Shi

Administrative Support Concepts–Open Event

10th Place–Tyler Fussner

5th Place–Connie Brahm

Information Technology Concepts–Open Event

8th Place–Sarah Guess-Welsh

6th Place–Justin Perryman

3rd Place–Stephanie Wallace

District Champion–Tyler Fussner

Computer Programming Concepts–Open Event

9th Place–Ben Shi

5th Place–Stephanie Wallace

Project Management Concepts–Open Event

5th Place–Angelica Nolan

Diplomat TORCH Recipient

Randy Crook