Speedway Indoor Karting starts its engines

The Sarah-Fisher backed facility opens with a bang

Many Hoosiers get struck with racing fever in May, with the world-famous Indy 500 taking place on May 29. The hysteria is higher than ever for this year’s race, as the 500 is celebrating their 100th running and the ~235,000 capacity Indianapolis Motor Speedway grandstand is already sold out.

While odds are you won’t be racing around the 2.5 mile track in an IndyCar, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the racing spirit. If you can’t shake the urge to burn rubber, Speedway Indoor Karting is the place for you.

Right in the heart of Speedway, a mere 3 minutes away from the real Motor Speedway itself, Speedway Indoor Karting opened its doors on April 1. Owned by former famous IndyCar star Sarah Fisher and her husband, the facility has had no problem attracting race fans.

“[Having Fisher] is just a really great part of our marketing,” manager Rocky Piccione said.

“She’s a great person. She’s a racer so a lot of people can connect with her, and she came from go-karts which is another way that she connects with all of our customers.”

Fisher’s roots did in fact come from the business that she’s invested in now. In her youth, Fisher notched a few World Karting Association national championships under her belt, with karting being her stepping stone into the IndyCar series.

After racing for over a decade on the IndyCar circuit (while opening up her own auto racing team in the meantime), Fisher decided to retire from her racing career in late 2010. Fast forward to 2015, and the announcement of the karting facility was made in April before the 99th running of the Indy 500. Now, we see the former kart driver’s creation in full bloom.

While Fisher’s entrepreneurship has boosted Speedway Indoor Karting’s appeal, the looming Indy 500 has done wonders for the new business. With race fans from Indianapolis and all across the world in town for the festivities (which started with the Grand Prix of Indy last Saturday), the karting building right down the road has received its fair share of love.

“I would have to say [the race] has helped us a lot,” Piccione said.

When you walk into the facility, you go straight to the front desk and from there you have an array of options for your karting needs. Speedway Indoor Karting offers two tracks, a multi-level road course (¼ of a mile) and a slanted oval track (at about a 14 degree angle and 1/20 of a mile). A “race” nets you five minutes on the oval course, and seven on the road course.

“I really like both tracks,” Piccione said.

“The road course is more fun to drive when I’m just by myself. The oval is a lot more fun for racing against friends, especially if you’re all skilled drivers.”

Once you pick your course and your race package, you’ll sign a waiver and watch a quick safety video on how to avoid injury on the track. Then, you suit up with a neck brace and helmet (safety first, the karts go quite fast) and head out to your desired track. Race crew help suit you up inside of a kart, and then you’re off.

Outside of their normal “arrive and drive” packages, Speedway Indoor Karting offers many different services and events for those who like to plan ahead. The facility hosts several racing events, such as the Indy Challenge or Grand Prix Knockout. You can also plan events such as business outings and birthday parties with options such as full facility rental.

Connected to but independent from Speedway Indoor Karting is the 1911 Grill, named after the year of the first running of the Indy 500. The 1911 Grill offers an atmosphere perfect for race fans, with dining area on two levels of the building with a beautiful view of the tracks and racing action of the facility next door.

The upper floor of the restaurant boasts fun arcade games, pool tables and a large area perfect for private parties. Both floors offer bar seating and family dining in both indoor and outdoor venues, accommodating race fans and hungry people of all ages.

Speedway Indoor Karting has provided over 35 jobs to the town of Speedway, and will only get bigger from here. If you want to get your own taste of racing in the racing capital of the world, there’s no better place to be.

Speedway Indoor Karting

Address: 1067 Main Street Speedway, IN 46224
Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 a.m. Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday; 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday-Saturday; Closed Monday
Website: http://www.sikarting.com/
Phone Number: 317-870-3780 (1911 Grill: 317-731-5031)
Social Media: Twitter Facebook Instagram