A special promposal

Gaddy had a surprise for this student

Junior Amber Gaddy hopes to work with special needs children one day.

That is why her decision to ask Tony Esquivel to this year’s prom was a no-brainer.

“I just like working with those kids,” Gaddy said. “It is something that is very rewarding.”

Gaddy went to the lifeskills classroom today with something special in mind. So when she and senior Erick Hernandez held up a sign that said “Prom?” she was hoping for a positive response.

“He was thrilled,” Gaddy said of Esquivel. “He said yes right away. This is going to be so much fun.”

Gaddy still needs to work out the details for the May 2 prom at Lucas Oil, but she’s thrilled to be going.

“I need to talk to Tony’s family to work out the details, but we’ll go with a bunch of my friends and we’ll have a lot of fun,” Gaddy said. “I am thinking I will end up enjoying this more than him.”