Koven discusses Stu Crew

Group helps organize many events at school

Stu Crew is a group of students who work with teachers to improve the school.


Stu Crew (short for Student Council) helps to promote community awareness about Ben Davis while  participating in activities such as homecoming, blood drives, food drives and more.


English teacher Kelly Koven is the sponsor of Stu Crew. She answers some questions about the organization:


Q: How does Stu Crew benefit the school?


A: Stu Crew benefits the school because it allows for students to get involved in an organization that does a variety of activities.  It is a resume builder for members.  People not in Stu Crew also benefit because they get to enjoy the various events we host for example the homecoming dance and the senior bonfire.


Q: What are your favorite things to do with Stu Crew?


A: My favorite thing to do with Stu Crew is just spend time with students. I give Mrs. (Courtney) Reece and me opportunities to know kids outside of the classroom and see students use their strengths to help create a stronger school culture.


Q: How can a student become a part of Stu Crew?


A: Stu Crew recruits members at the beginning of the year.  All students  need to do is attend the first meeting of the year that is promoted through social media, daily announcements and school posters.  In order to remain in Stu Crew students have to earn a certain amount of points each quarter through helping and participating in various events.


Q: What are the requirements to become a part of Stu Crew?


A: Students are asked to pay a $20 membership fee.  This helps us pay for t-shirts, plan dances, and host various events.


Q: When does Stu Crew meet?


A: Stu Crew meets on a rotating schedule during the school day.  There is one meeting a month and it rotates different periods. They meet in the cafeteria.


Q: What is the latest date a student would be able to become a part of stu crew?


A: We were still accepting members through the month of September.


Q: Who all is a part of Stu Crew?


A: We have a variety of students in Stu Crew.  We have students who are getting involved for the first time and students to are simply adding Stu Crew to their already long list of extracurricular activities.  Either way, our vision is to have Stu Crew to become the most desired organization to be apart of in this school in order to grow school culture.