How much technology is used in a student’s life?

The word technology is very important to education and students these days. Schools around the world are using some sort of technology now. There are computers in almost every classroom. Schools even let their students have their own computer. Over 600 students were asked their thoughts about technology in the classroom on an online survey called survey monkey audience. They calculated over a third of high school students use laptops in the class and 40 percent of college students.

The teachers are loving their technology they get to use in their classrooms also. Interactive whiteboards mainly known as smart boards are used in 36 percent of high school classrooms and 48 percent of college classrooms. Even Ben Davis teacher Mr. Van Zant who teaches graphic design in the career center says some sort of technology is used in his classroom on an everyday basis. “If it wasn’t for technology projects would take longer and things wouldn’t get done as fast” Mr. Van Zant said. Being a graphic design teacher that he is his classroom is about 85 percent technology based. In a regular classroom students and teachers use the handy Microsoft office for almost every project or writing assessment. Many students think typing up a paper is faster and more efficient than sitting and writing a five paragraph essay for class.

Maybe technology in a student’s life is a good thing surprisingly three quarters of high school students and 59 percent of college students say their learning has improved because of technology in the classroom, which has also improved grades also. When you don’t know a word or what a word means in class you can just look it up on your phone or computer instead of looking through a giant dictionary.

There are so many resources on the internet then through a book and a piece of paper. Many students are prone to use technology at home so when it is used in the class the feel more comfortable which makes them achieve more. Some schools in undeveloped countries such as Gaza, Afghanistan and Kenya and many more countries even have laptops now to develop children’s learning in an updated way. 2.4 million Students and teachers have the XO laptops around the world. Technology is a part of education and it will only get brighter and bigger as the years go by.