It feels good to be kind

World Kindness Day celebrated this Wednesday


Senior Joe Ridenour (left) picks up a paper in a random act of kindness. National Kindness Day is November 13.

Kindness, by definition, means “the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate,” according to Oxford Dictionary.  It is not difficult to be kind to others, but at times, our busy schedules and day-to-day lives keep us from being kind to all the people we meet.

This Wednesday is World Kindness Day. On this day, take time to be kind, even to strangers.  If you need help getting ideas on some nice things to do, just look to your fellow Giants for an example.

“Sometimes, when I go to McDonald’s, I pay for the person behind me in line.”- Senior Tecadeh Hollcraft

“I always open doors for people, especially when they are carrying a lot of stuff.”- Junior Elias Diaz

“I printed out copies of church programs and prepared them for the service once.”- James Pennington

“I’ve given someone in need money.”- Junior Tiffany Lang

“I work with the HOST program to help kids read.”- Junior Terrence Davis

“I pick up trash that isn’t mine.”- Junior Kristen Link

“I help my neighbor with her groceries.”- Junior Meaghan Owens

“At marching band, I help with their marching without being asked.”- Junior Kaylee Thornton

“One time, I saw two brothers arguing about what video game to buy, because they could only buy one.  I brought them the other one that they were thinking about buying.”- Senior Zack Wortman

“I was at the airport with my aunt, and I saw an older man drop his cane.  I rushed over to help him.”- Junior Lynda Bates

“This year, I passed out candy to the Marching Band for Halloween, because we couldn’t go trick-or-treating because of practice.”- Junior Allyssa Burdine

It is no surprise that Giants take the initiative to help those in need.  It also isn’t hard to be kind to others.

Little things that we do often have a big impact, even if we don’t always realize it.

Whatever you do, be someone else’s reason to smile this Wednesday.