Secular student alliance

Ben Davis is home to many clubs and groups. One of which is the SSA, otherwise known as the Secular Student Alliance, which is a non-religious group of students who meet on Fridays. This is the second year of Ben Davis housing the Secular Student Alliance.

In 1996 there was a group of students who raised their concerns for a secular student movement. In 2000, The Secular Student Alliance was started by eight student leaders who wanted to further what those students began in the 90s. Since then, the movement has spread widely throughout college and high school campuses.

The idea behind the SSA is to educate students about scientific reasoning, secularism and human-based ethics and to be heard as a respected voice of reason in today’s society.

“As a teenage free-thinker, I personally get the awesome experience to discuss sensitive topics with a group of people who are seeking a new way of think just as I am,” said  senior Vontrez Jones, president of the SSA.

The SSA dedicates their time to promoting secularism in all aspects in life, especially science. They give students a place to exchange their ideas, without fear of being judged for their disbelief and free from dogmatism and superstition.

This alliance allows for students to contribute to their communities out of kindness and compassion for the human race, not out of religion.

An issue that many secular students face is that their peers think that non-religious people are somehow “bad” or “evil” which is hardly the case at all. Their disbelief in religion often makes them a target for bullying, as well.

Many people look at atheism as the last type of socially accepted intolerance in our current society. But because of their lack of beliefs, students are able to focus on scientific fact and reasoning in this alliance. Here at Ben Davis, members of the SSA are all different and come from a colorful array of backgrounds all the way from Mormons to devout Christians.

Secular Student Alliance is very important to society in order to keep young minds open and keep the secular movement constantly growing and moving forward. There are many non-religious students who work alongside religious friends on a day to day basis. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the SSA, show up to a meeting and know that you’re welcome just the way you are regardless of your beliefs.