Indy hot spots

Great hang outs in Indianapolis for young adults




The Harrison Art Center: The home to inspiring artists showcasing their fine art and displaying for people to see. The admission is free on the First Fridays of the month. It is a great way to walk through other art pieces to find inspiration and chat with friends.

IMA: A building filled with inspiring art and a great scene to snap some fun shots of you and your friends. The Indiana Museum of Art is free admission for all, there are somes areas where you might have to pay but that is only for private events. There is a garden are that is a scenic place to have picnics and get togethers.

Indianapolis Artsgarden: Located close to the center of the the Downtown Mall is the glass-paned dome hovering over the busy streets of Indianapolis. Performances are held at the artsgarden, artists varying from orchestras to indianapolis’ own singers and writers.

Canal Walk: Downtown Indianapolis shows the Beautiful white river along the city of Indianapolis. They provide little boats for you to ride the river but you must have a license. While you walk through the trail there is art displayed throughout the bridges and tunnels.

Broad Ripple Village: An eye capturing setting of small quaint shops filled with fashion and and impeccable tastes of music. Its a great way to discover new music at the Indy Cd and Vinyl which displays posters of events coming up in the village and in Indianapolis.

Avon Public Park: The beautiful park in Avon Located on Highway 36 is a great place to take a hike and ride your bike. During the summer there is a mini water park for all ages to enjoy. It is conveniently placed near an Orange Leaf so you can also enjoy somes snacks.

Forbidden for Students

McDonalds: The popular fast food restaurant on 10th Street doesn’t allow students to loiter around during after school hours. As long as you order food to go then you are perfectly fine to invest in their delicious food.

Starbucks: Located on 10th Street is the famous coffee house. Although their friendly environment of the soothing coffee fills the air, there are rules to the cafe. After school hours you can still purchase your favorite drink but you must make a purchase, otherwise you are considered to be loitering.