Top five games in the app store

Must have downloads on your phone

I bet recently you have recently been bored or had some down town with nothing to do. But, with technology and you always having your cell phone you pull it out and play a game. But what game are you going to play? Are you bored of the games that you have been playing? Here are the top five games right now that I believe you should be playing. These games will hook you and make you want to play, even when you are not even bored.


  1. NBA JAM:

The game is a arcade style game of the NBA. It’s a two on two pickup basketballs featuring all NBA 30 teams (Charlotte Hornets still the Charlotte Bobcats and the New Jersey Nets still the Brooklyn Nets.) This is a game where you go up against the CPU or a friend on another phone and face off. The game has players flying high, making ridiculous dunks throughout. Many sports fans especially those interested in basketball will get hooked into this game. The only downfall is that the game is outdated by a couple years so the roster isn’t exactly up to date. If you can look past that, this game is still very fun. The game is available on the App Store as well as the Android Store for 99¢; a free trial version is also available.

  1.  Traffic Rush:

The game is a fun quick game just to pull out when you are bored. Your goal in this game is to manage the traffic during rush hour but as you go the traffic gets faster and heavier faster and you have to make sure the vehicles don’t collide.

You can also challenge your friends on the leaderboards and try to beat their score and that makes you want to play so that you can hold that high score which leads to a good replay value that continues the competition. Available on the Apple Store and the Google Play for 99¢.

  1. Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is a game that goes non-stop either on one way traffic or two  ways. Your goal is to avoid the traffic coming your way and go as far as you can.  The car that you are given at the beginning of the game is pretty basic which makes you want to keep playing to try and unlock the better cars available in the game. Also other locations such as beaches, nighttime city can also be unlocked by earning coins throughout the game. The game is on the App Store and the Google Play store for free.

  1. Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings is a game where you play as a bird with tiny wings. You can’t fly because of your tiny wings but you use the slopes in ground to help you get some air. The main mode is how far you can go before dark, the faster you move from one island to another the sun sets slower.

The game is pretty addicted on just that mode, but on the latest update that the game developers did was added another game mode where you can race other birds and unlock more islands. The game is pretty fun; if you like games like ‘Fun Run’ or ‘Doodle Jump’ the game is one you would want to play all the time. The game is available on the App Store as well as the Google Play store for 99¢.

  1. One More Line

My favorite game to play right now is a simple game called One More Line. The goal of the game is to move a cursor up as far as you can up without hitting anything. Along the way up there are small dots that you can orbit around which can be as big as you want and this way you can even orbit through a wall. The game is a bit challenging at first to control but once you get the hang of it the game gets addicting when you want to continue trying to beat your high score. The game is available on the Apple Store and the Google Play store for free.

These are my top five games that you should download on your phone to help you escape boredom and find something to play on your phone on your downtime.