A board game for ages 3 and deceased

Ouija hits the scary factor

A board game for ages 3 and deceased

Every October, movie makers go all out to create scary horror movies. Some try hard to sicken their audience, while others barely try and lose their proprietors within the first five minutes of the movie.

Ouija, a new horror flick that involves six teenagers and the famous Ouija board, is within the boundaries of both sides.

The beginning starts out with death and spirals into the storyline of a mystery that happened in the 1900s. As the surviving five try to figure out the answers, more die and get twisted into an unforeseen circumstance. As they finally find the answer to their other worldly problems, the end produces a common trick used in many horror flicks.

Overall, the movie was indeed shocking and suspenseful. The directors added many quick jump scares, which were easy to see coming. These jump scares still catches your attention. They also added many epic death scenes that were easy to identify, but still classic eye candies for this genre.

The actors were fair and common. Their counterparts were ill-equipped to this adventure between life and death and made many common mistakes. However, they still stayed together and laid faith in one another, which for some wasn’t very long.

Some things that caught my attention were the jump scares and makeup designs. Although the storyline was classic and made the movie seem more of like House on Haunted Hill, the remake.

It also paid little attention to the Ouija board itself and that it opens to more than just spirit portals, but portals to the underworld as well. It also focused more on the quick scares than on the storyline itself, even though it was common. The ending at the very least was simple, but allowed for the audiences to use their imagination.

In terms of PG-13 movies, I would give this a 3.5 rating (out of 5) due to its scares, computer graphic effects and acting. For an R rating, I would barely give it a 2. In how scary it was depends on the theater reaction and home reaction.

The theater reaction receives a 4 for catching my attention, but by being simple as well. The home reactions is a 2 because without the board, the scare lingers into just images on a screen.

In the end, the movie Ouija still follows the classic horror genre and should be seen by those true horror fanatics. It should also be taken into real aspects due to the fact that these boards actually exist and their outcomes for some are to real to believe. So the question remains at the end, will you dare mess with the powers of the Ouija board?