The Horrors of Netflix

Students react to best horror shows

Abby Beaumont, features editor

Have you ever been lost as to which scary movie you should watch next on Netflix? Or unsatisfied with the movies you have watched in general?

No more worries. Ranging from the classics to the modern scares, Ben Davis students have revealed their thoughts on Netflix’s best horror movies and shows.

Although Netflix lacks most of the known glories in the horror genre, the multinational entertainment company offers many intriguing films similar to the classics we know and love. One in particular, being Dark Skies. The movie rolls over the story of a family with two young sons who encounter suspicious and unexplainable events.

The family relies on each other to do what they can to protect one another when it becomes apparent that they have come face to face with a terrifying–and perhaps alien–threat. The 2013 film is very common among viewers, with a rating of about 3.5 stars.

“I liked how it always kept me tense and how it wasn’t corny to the point where it didn’t scare me anymore. I also liked the fact that it was built on an idea that can be true,” sophomore Nate Bannister said. “Hush is also a great movie.”

Hush, with a Netflix rating of nearly 4.5 stars, is a favorite among students at Ben Davis. The new 2016 film is based on a deaf author who lost her hearing after a wave of bacterial meningitis when she was 13. She lives in a secluded home, with little social activity outside of her writing career. She comes to a struggle when a strange man in a mask watches her and, eventually, uses her hearing loss to his advantage. Giving off a creepy and voyeuristic feel, it is evident as to why adolescents adore it to the extent that they do.

“It totally played in the fact that we know something the main character doesn’t, and it freaked me out so badly. It also made me happy because the deaf girl was so smart compared to most victims in horror movies. All in all, it was a great plot and very well executed,” Bannister said.

“I liked that the girl was so smart throughout the movie and that being deaf didn’t phase her. The plot process was really cool,” sophomore Britney Bautista said.

Recent to Netflix, the Scream series aims towards a teenage audience, and provides the watcher with constant plot twists and undoubtful shock throughout. With almost 5 stars, the series is inspired from the classic Scream movies, originally created by Kevin Williamson. It undergoes the frightening occurances within a group of young high schoolers, while a masked enemy drops them at the grave one by one. Viewers are left wondering who it truly is causing all of the turmoil, and question which characters to trust.

“I really loved the suspense of the show,” sophomore Alexis Pearce said. “The way it kept us hanging and the surprises it had in store was really genius of them to do. What us fans thought about each cliffhanger was different each time, and that’s what really kept me into it.”

Scream has its own fan base across social media, which allows us to be hooked even tighter to the series. Each episode marked a new reaction tweet on Twitter.

“The characters were awesome and the plot was intriguing,” Pearce said.

To finalize the list, this past July, a new hit series was added to Netflix. Known as Stranger Things, it features the disappearance of a young boy, which triggers a small Indiana town to uncover the mystery involving experiments, supernatural forces, and the abilities of one strange, young girl. Netflix ratings are through the roof with 5 out of 5 stars. Stranger Things is set to return in 2017 for a second season, considering its extreme success over just a few months. Students from Ben Davis and various other high schools have discussed the show nonstop across the nation. It’s safe to say that Stranger Things has supremely topped the ratings of Netflix horrors.

So, with that… “What’s your favorite scary movie?”