Heads-up on summer movies

Popcorn plus drinks equal summer movies

Heads-up on summer movies

The summer is a time for relaxing from stress. With the summer bringing new things, movies are among the few. Over the summer, we will have 12 potential blockbusters that are a must see. The following information was found on a website dedicated to movies.

  • X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 22)

It is future meets past in this upcoming sequel to X-Men: First Class. We have the near apocalyptic future, where the X-Men try to fix time by sending Wolverine back to 1973. There, he must come face to face with the original X-Men and try to stop the extinction of mutant kind. The cast includes Patrick Stewart/James McAvory as Professor X, Michael Fassbender/Ian McKellen as Magneto, plus Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin, Nicholas Hoult, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

What makes this movie a Box-office rage is that this is nearly the first. Bryan Singer, director of the two earlier X-Men films, directs this movie along with other future X-Men movies like X-Men Apocalypse, X-Force, and Deadpool spin-offs.

  • Postman Pat: The Movie (May 23)

Many years ago, there was an old show known as Postman Pat. It was about a postman and his whacky adventures. Now, it has become a potential blockbuster at the movies. This time, Pat, voice of Stephen Managan, finds his way on a reality TV show, up in a scandal, and part of a robotic postman uprising. He must also overcome fame and fortune as well.

The buzz on this movie is who sings Pat’s parts. It is not Managan, but Ronan Keating.

  • Maleficent (May 28)

If you know the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, then get blown away. In Maleficent, it is the inverse of the original. We see the ongoings through the eyes of the “evil” fairy, played by Angelina Jolie. We also have first-time director robert Stromberg, who worked on art direction on Alice in Wonderland and Avatar. Along with Elle Fanning, sister of actress Dakota, playing Aurora.

What makes this movie special is the fact that Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, Jolie’s five year old daughter, making her screen debut as young Aurora.

  • Edge of Tomorrow (May 30)

Doug Liman, the actual director behind the first Bourne film and the cult hit swingers, directs an interesting summer sci fi thriller. In the movie we have Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star as soldiers forced to fight the same alien battle over and over again. Some critics call it the “Groundhog Independence Day”.

The buzz on this movie is that in November, London’s Trafalgar Square was closed for the filming for a scene involving Cruise. The movie was also, at the time, called All You Need is Kill, after the Hiroshi Sakurazaka novel on which the movie is based on.

  • Grace of Monaco (June 6)

This upcoming royalty movie involves Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, the Hollywood starlet turned princess. It also involves Tim Roth as Prince Rainier III. In the movie, the two meet, have a relationship, and struggle through political and personal turmoil.

What makes this movie interesting is the fact that the real Monaco’s family denounced the film due to it being deeply inaccurate.

  • Jersey Boys (June 20)

This movie is something that most would not suspect. Clint Eastwood, who only worked in one musical, directed the screen version of the hit Broadway show. In the movie, we are shown the sixties pop sensations The Four Seasons. We have Christopher Walken as a mobster, John Lloyd Young, who worked on Jersey Boys on Broadway, and Francesca Eastwood, Clint’s daughter.

What makes this musical made video movie is the fact that the actors speak directly to the camera at times.

  • How to Train Your Dragons 2 (July 4)

Following the first, this burning sequel stars Jay Baruchel as Hiccup who is having doubts about becoming head chieftain of the island, dealing with dragon-haters, and a dragon-whisperer played by Cate Blanchett. We also have the return of the classic as well as new ones that can breath ice instead of fire.

The main reason why people should see this sequel is to see the resemblances to The Empire Strikes Back which inspired the movie.

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction (July 10)

If you have seen the first three Transformers, then you haven’t seen nothing yet. In this fourth movie, following four years after the third, we have Mark Wahlberg as the main character instead of Shia LaBeouf. Wahlberg finds a buried Optimus Prime and must help him deal with the new robots known as Dinobots that can transform into robots.

What makes this movie special is the fact that the directors are trying to win over the Asian box office by showing additional scenes from the movie with local star Li Bingbing as Yueming, CEO of the Chinese Transformers.

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (July 17)

It has been a while since we heard Caesar (Andy Serkis) yell “No” and creating a revolutionary battle between human and ape. In this new version, we have a virus that has taken out 90% of the human population, where the apes ride horses, live in huts, and carry guns, and where the remaining humans, including Keri Russell and Gary Oldman, live in peaceful isolation. But all that will change the further you get into the movie.

What makes this movie extra special is who directed it. Cloverfield Director and a good pal of JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves, helped direct this movie.

  • Jupiter Ascending (July 25)

This new sci fi genre movie is a girl empowering movie, but is open to all. We have Mila Kunis as a lowly cleaner with a galactic destiny and Channing Tatum as a interplanetary warrior trying to take Earth. While director Wachowskis’ last film, Cloud Atlas, divided the movie goers, this movie should once again polarize the audience.

A very intriguing thing about this movie is that the score was recorded before the movie so that they could choreograph the fight scenes to the music.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1)

Yes this teamis from Marvel, and yes you should watch it. This movie, who also has their own Lego brand, is about a team of different aliens and creatures that help protect the galaxy from terror. We have Bradly Cooper who plays a genetically-engineered racoon and Vin Diesel  who plays a tree-like humanoid. We also have Chris Patt, Zoe Saldana, Glenn Close, John C Reilly, Karen Gillan, and Benicio del Toro that star in this sci-fi epic.

The buzz on this movie is that at the end, watch the credits to see how this movie is connected to the movie The Avengers 3.

  • The Expendables (August 15)

This movie is chock full of different stars young and old. We have Barney Ross returning as the lovable rogue and Sly Stallone’s as his beefy mercenary counterpart. We also have the dream team of Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, and Arnie. Those who love the classics as well will love the cast of Mel Gibson who plays an arms dealer, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, and Antonio Banderas.

What makes this movie thriving is the fact that Pierce Brosnan has signed up for a fourth one.