Almost, Maine is almost here

The theatre department brings you the perfect play on Valentine’s day

This Friday for one night only our theater department is putting on the greatest play of all time, and I am not talking about The Phantom of the Opera. I’m talking about Almost, Maine.

Okay so there’s a 90 percent chance you have never heard of this play, but trust me it’s great.

Almost, Maine takes place in an uncharted territory that never really got to be organized to be a town, hence the name almost. The play consists of nine short plays that explore love, loss and longing.

Each small play focuses on people in different situations regarding love, from love at first sight to a married couple whose flame has run out. There’s no doubt everyone can relate to at least one of these plays.

The theatre department is bringing Almost, Maine for one night only this Friday, Feb. 14. Tickets are presale only and will be sold through Friday morning. To get tickets email theatre director Kris Owens at [email protected]. All tickets are $15, which includes dinner and the play. All of this will take place in Le Gallery.

Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:00. Make sure to enter through door 17.