The movie to die for

Reasons you should see “This Is Us”


The idea of a two hour documentary based on a boy band doesn’t sound very appealing to most. You may think One Direction’s new documentary “This Is Us” is just like Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never but it’s far from that.

“This Is Us” tells the story of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson who auditioned individually for the UK X-Factor in 2010, and ended up in a group now known as One Direction. “This Is Us” takes you on a journey of the reality of being in the world’s biggest boy band.

For anyone that has been a fan of One Direction for years, this movie will be an emotional roller coaster you will cry, you will laugh and you will scream. You see the boys you have loved for years grow up right in front of your eyes from the days on the X-Factor to selling out in Madison Square Garden in a span of only two hours.

I absolutely loved it! It had the right amount of humor and sappiness. I learned things about them that I never even imagined. They talked about their past and their future and how they felt about everything happening so fast. You saw their emotional sides and how truly grateful they are about who they have become. For those that were not able to attend one of their concerts this summer, it takes you right into what one of their shows is like. Incredible does not even begin to describe how the movie actually was.

Here are some reasons you should go see “This Is Us”:

  1.  It will change the way you look at One Direction forever.
  2. It takes you over and transports you into a concert on the Take Me Home tour.
  3. You see how much One Direction has done not only for their family but also for their dedicated fans.
  4. You will start crying 5 minutes into it.
  5. You realize how they are just normal guys doing abnormal jobs.
  6. They are shirtless 60% of the time.


Regardless of whether you are a fan of One Direction or not this is a movie you should put on your “to watch” list.