Double trouble

Two Giant wrestlers planning to make a big impact in the state tournament


Claire Smith

Junior heavyweight wrestler Norman Oglesby pins an opponent earlier this season. Olgesby is one of five wrestlers competing at the Evansville semistate this weekend.

Although it is two weeks aways, wrestlers Dylan Lydy and Norman Oglesby plan to make a big impact at the state wrestling meet.

Oglesby has been to the state stage before but did not place and Lydy has not attended state before. Both wrestlers have the hopes for going to state and coming out a state champ.

“As far as my goals for state, I plan to go and win,” Lydy said.

Ogelsby experienced the thrill of making it to state last year and wants more.

“I want to come out a state champion, and everyone that I will face I have already wrestled before and I know I can beat them,” Oglesby said.

Five wrestles advanced from last weekend’s regionals to the semi-state and Lydy and Oglesby both came out regional champions. Lydy beat Jacob Stevenson from Franklin with the score of 6-5. Oglesby beat Guy Henson from Avon in overtime with a score of 7-6.

“Everyone gets nervous before a meet, but I just suck it up and go out there and take care of business to make sure that I get a win,” Oglesby said.

Both of our Giant wrestlers started out with inspiration as the basis of why they started wrestling. Whether it is from family or from the big stage of professional wrestling it had an impact on them and led them to being the wrestler they are today.

“I was always picked on by my brothers so it made me want to start wrestling so I could defend myself,” Lydy said.

“I always used to watch WWE and I used to think of Jeff Hardy as an icon, so it made me want to wrestle and kind of be like him,” Oglesby said.