This Halloween-themed game is worth a try


Drake Johnson, staff writer

Little Nightmares is a game I would qualify as a “oh no what is that, I’m gonna run away now” game. Or you could be boring and just say it’s a puzzle-platform horror adventure game.

In Little Nightmares you play as the character Six. Six is a 9 year old little girl wearing a yellow raincoat. Six is one of the children that inhabit the maw, a giant ship filled with many hungry people, and she has to figure out how to escape because the guests aren’t just hungry.

They are very hungry, so hungry that the guests resort to buffets made from the meat of the children. In Little Nightmares there are many unique enemies that have different ways to combat them. First there is the Janitor. The Janitor is blind so he listens purley to the sound you create in order to capture you.

The Janitor has very long arms so this sounds way easier than it is. To pass the Janitor you will have to use pure speed, agility, and deception. The next enemy are The Twin Chefs, the chefs are pretty slow and tend to be more like puzzles instead of something you have to run from. They are easily deceived and just block off areas you need to get through.

They carry gigantic meat cleavers and are very big. Then finally we have The Lady, the lady is a deformed soul sucking lady who wears a mask to hide her hideous appearance. She sucks the souls of people to forever stay young, sorta like a really demented fountain of youth.

The Lady has always been a mysterious character and a lot of people thought Six was The Lady’s daughter until one of the developers said it was untrue. There are some minor enemies you’ll have to deal with as well but if you feel like playing a fun spooky adventure game for this Halloween then this might be the perfect game for you.