Want to be a hero? Try this show on


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

My Hero Academia, also known as Boku No Hero Academia, is a manga series streamed on Hulu and is a popular show with more than 40 million viewers.

We’ll go ahead and abbreviate the show’s name to save us the hassle. MHA is a Japanese based show, but is also dubbed for American viewers. The show’s topic is on heroes.

A wide variety of kids and teens were born with a so-called quirk, but not all. A quirk is defined as a characteristic or a behavioral habit, meaning that some kids were born with a power that they have inherited from their parents. It’s almost every kid’s dream to become a professional hero that saves the city from evil and danger, so that’s why there is a Hero Academy that kids go to, but it’s not like a regular public school, you have to be worthy to enter.

The main protagonist is Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, Deku means “Useless” or “Someone who can’t do anything”. His nickname was given to him by Bakugou, his classmate, and he’s usually cruel and a bully to Izuku.

The academy is a place where teens with quirks go to become a certified “Hero”, after they pass the exam, they are given a hero license. It has always been Izuku’s dream to become a Hero. His Idol is a public loved, popular and professional hero that he absolutely adores and admires, All Might also known as One for All.

There is something ordinary but special about Izuku, he wasn’t born with a quirk. Just to give you some information about how he becomes a hero. It’s actually really funny in a way, after months of hard work to prove to All Might that he is worthy of being a hero, All Might gives Izuku a thread of his hair to eat, uncomfortable and hilarious enough to say, he ate it. Later Izuku developed a quirk all thanks to All might.

The Hero Academy class proceeds to face further adventures, new challenges and encounters in the future.