Rainbow Six is a guaranteed good time

Rainbow Six is a guaranteed good time

Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Rainbow Six Siege is a game created by a popular and known game company called Ubisoft. 

Rainbow Six was created in Canada, more specifically in Montreal. 

Six is a tactical shooter, it varies in game modes such as casual, ranked and terrorist hunt.

Casual is a platform that any player can get on, going against various ranks from high to medium, to low.

Ranked is more of a serious platform, it is made for players who want to achieve a certain skill. The ranks from Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Champion.

Terrorist hunt is a platform for players to eliminate terrorist units. 

The Situations can vary — there are hostage situations and it’s up to Team Six to extract the hostage safely out of the building that he or she had been held.

And last, there is a bomb defusal situation. Team Six is required to breach into the building and defuse the bomb and also eliminate the terrorists before they can counter the defusal. 

Usually Team Six is also called the CTU, Counter Terrorist Unit. Another name is Team Rainbow. The game’s origin story consisted of a terrorist attack at a university and “Team Six” had to go inside the toxic gas infused building and kill the terrorists.

Being successful with their mission, the game lifted off and created additional players called the Original 20, which consisted of the first large group of characters that originate from various countries.

Ubisoft releases a new season every month or two. Each season comes with new in game content such as new operators, seasonal skins, weapon charms, uniforms and head gears.

This is one of the most played Ubis0ft games, and by far my favorite game. I really do suggest this game, and don’t worry, there will be a newcomer’s platform and basic training for new players. I guarantee a good experience but it is a tough game that requires skill.