Political statements gone to far

Grammy performance was a bit much

Jennifer Moreno, staff writer

Political statements in fashion were a pretty big trend at the 2019 Grammys.

Joy Villa and Ricky Rebel both walked onto the red carpet showing major support for President Donald Trump and for the big controversial issue that we face over the Mexican/American border wall.

Although everyone can wear what they want and express their political beliefs in our society, one singer in particular is facing major backlash for” taking it too far”?

Singer Joy Villa  is known for making political statements at the last two Grammys with her Pro Donald Trump pieces.

At the 2017 Grammys Villa wore Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” in a blue and red gown. Many saw that as just a gown representing her support during the presidential campaign. At the time it was common to see Donald Trump’s slogan or Hillary Clinton’s slogan so seeing it on the red carpet wasn’t as big of a surprise.

This year’s Grammys were totally different. Her “political support” for Trump was by wearing a dress that represented the wall that he wants to build between Mexico and America.

The dress was white all around with bricks imprinted on it,she also included barbed wire in her hair alongside with a red clutch including the slogan “MAGA”.This political statement went a little overboard if you ask me.

The border wall has already caused enough controversy in this new year, even causing a a government shutdown. All the accessories included with the dress just went too far. The barbed wire was not necessary to include in her outfit. As I see it, the wire on the wall wouldn’t just cause harm to adults but to children as well.

Many define and see building the wall as a racist statement for leaving “immigrants” out of the United States.

Being Latina,  I can tell you that we have been judged based on words and actions of others throughout history.

Not everyone will understand that Latinos come here to live a better life and to make their children have a better life. There are always going to be different opinions on the wall and on “immigrants,” but no one should ever wear a wall as a representation of what they believe. It is seen as very offensive to many. And what does it show children when their favorite singer wears barbed wire and brick on the red carpet.

Villa has the right to express here political beliefs — as does everyone — but they should do it in a simpler way that necessarily won’t make you look as a bad role model among others.

Do you think she would’ve dressed in a non offensive way? There are many ways that she could of dressed without facing backlash.