I’m not a sports fan, but…

Low expectations for school game

Hera Boyd, Co-editor-in-chief

It may be hard to believe, but before last Friday I had never been to a school sporting event.

It never interested me to go. I didn’t enjoy sports and I considered myself to be more of the artistic type. My idea of a good time wasn’t to watch a bunch of dudes (or ladies) run back and forth trying to get a ball into a basket or to a certain side of a room or something.

Plenty of people had asked me, but I had no intention of going to a sports game of any sort up until my student publications teacher Tom Hayes convinced me. That particular basketball game was the last home game of the season and it was senior night.

Hayes told me I ought to go to at least one game before my high school time ends and for some reason this time I said yes. I couldn’t tell you why, maybe it was the idea that I was almost graduated and that I would never have another opportunity, or maybe I wanted to see what all the hype was about. After lots of second thoughts and possible excuses to cancel ran through my head, I still went to the game.

I met up with my friend who I’d begged to go with me, she wasn’t into sports either so it took some convincing. We walked into the school and I reminded myself to keep an open mind about the experience and try to have a good time. I was nervous when we found a spot to sit. I wasn’t sure how to act or how long this match would go on. I didn’t know any players on our team because I didn’t pay attention.

Hayes had told me about Aaron Henry, who was apparently a star player on the team. All I knew was he got injured in the past but was now back playing.

Being that I only knew one player, my friend and I made nicknames for the players on both teams and we became invested in our little reality that we were creating. We’re both writers so naturally, we started making a story. I won’t take all the credit because my friend definitely created the majority of the story. It seriously became so much fun as we made little backstories for them and watched the game. Eventually, I found myself cheering when our team scored points, I think that’s what you call it. I’m still not familiar with the terminology.

We became very invested in the game, even though it was a total blow out. I actually ended up having a really fun time. The sport was easy to keep up with and follow even for someone who had no idea what was happening at all. I think what made it so fun was the fact that I had a good friend to hang out with. Everyone told me that the fun wasn’t in the sport unless you were playing, it’s in the people you’re watching with. I found out that night that they were right. I was lucky to have someone with me who helped make it fun.

I realized that the sporting events that people go to aren’t about the sport, it isn’t about the players being good or bad and it’s not about winning. It’s about going with people, having a good time, and supporting the players. I have an amazing time at the game because I went with someone who had a good attitude and who I enjoyed spending time with. I don’t regret going at all.

I still may not be a sports fan, but I walked out of that gymnasium with a new outlook and a new found respect for sporting events. Though it’s not my preferred crowd of screaming people, it was still a good time and I wish I would’ve gone to one sooner.

To those debating whether or not to go to a school game, you should if you’ve got good friends and people to go with. I don’t think going alone would be much fun, then again I have social anxiety so maybe I’m biased. I’d say try it out though, even if you don’t love sports it’s an experience worth cataloging in your memories.