Tony Wills finishes first season of college hoops

Former BD star has impressive debut season


(Courtesy Illinois State)

Former Ben Davis guard Tony Wills just finished his first season at Illinois State.

Tony Wills, a 2013 graduate, recently finished his fast season of college basketball in his first year of playing for the division one Illinois State Redbirds.

In Wills time with the Ben Davis Giants, he was averaging 18 points a game with a 40 percent range from behind the arc. Tony was scouted by the Redbirds his junior year of high school and was among the top 25 seniors of Indiana to go division one.

In high school, Wills got a lot of help on the court learning and visioning from his older brother Harry Wills, who goes to Vermont University in his freshman year as well to play college basketball. As the brothers where separated, Tony had to step his game up on his own.

In his first year with Redbirds Wills believes it is bigger and better competitors in college.

“It’s a big difference,” Wills said. “You are playing men out there. In high school people were shorter but in college people are stronger, faster, and everybody’s at the next level.”

Wills has changes in his strength and weaknesses playing in college he feels more comfortable helping his team out at the free throw line and other places on the court.

“I’ve been working on both sides of my body so when I go to my left or my right it will not feel different. I haven’t really been shooting the ball that well this season that is what I need to improve on myself as well,” Wills said.

For Tony’s freshman year he, scored 101 points and played 437 minutes.