What has happened to Halloween?

What has happened to Halloween?

Madchen Fox, staff writer

Maybe it was just me, or maybe it’s just a part of growing up, but Halloween feels so different now. 

Growing up, Halloween was never a super important holiday in my family. We celebrated it, and we would dress up, but it wasn’t anything where we would spend days of preparation or hundreds of dollars getting ready. 

But we still did it. I trick-or-treated every year as a kid.

It seems like even that as a tradition has changed. 

I’ve been passing out candy for trick-or-treaters since I became a teenager. For the past few years, it seems like fewer and fewer people are doing it.

Not only that, but people aren’t walking around anymore when they DO decide to trick or treat. Very few people showed up for candy, but only two people actually walked around. 

Maybe it’s another unfortunate effect of COVID. During COVID, almost everyone either stayed inside or did a “Just take one” deal. Post-COVID, it seems that people are continuing this.

Maybe it’s due to constant, senseless violence in Indianapolis. It seems no matter the day, someone falls victim to gun violence here in Indiana. 

Or maybe it really is just part of getting older. There are not as many kids in my neighborhood, so there are not as many trick-or-treaters.

Whatever the case may be, it makes me sad to see something I loved to do as a kid get less and less popular.