Teen pregnancy is difficult for high schoolers


Taking care of a child while in high school can be complicated, so most teens have so other choice than to drop out. Here is an intake on getting pregnant in high school. With teen pregnancy, education is something that can go completely downhill. 

As you get so far along you won’t really be able to do anything, and will really be unable to do anything. So going to college is way out of the picture, when then loops in finances and bills, and all the other responsibilities.. Your social life can even be ruined, depending on how strict your family is they can kick you out, so where’s the support in that?  Going to school while pregnant can cause even more stress on you, and your baby. Getting pregnant as a teen is never really planned, so yes mistakes can happen.

 Education is the higher end, can get you a good paying job, and everything, well enough to be able to have money for the child and said bills that need to be paid. Emotionally you probably won’t even know how to feel, a wild roller coaster if you may call it. With your emotions being all out of whack, that can even make it harder to maintain a job, and school work. Along with friend groups. 

Think about, what will your friends think, will they be disappointed in you, or happy for you? Are you willing to lose your friends, or are they going to help along the way and be supportive? If so, do you think they will help you financially, give you a place to stay while you save up?  Just think about everything, and all the steps to be a parent, the right pathways of parenthood, and most of all… Are you ready? Always be careful with what you do, especially as a teen. We do learn from our mistakes, even the “happy” mistakes. Always think twices, and think about the other responsibilities, it’s never easy to do anything. 

On the other hand, dropping out should never be the answer due to the fact of how will you care for your child, and do you do need a good paying job. Research can show that 30% of teen girls have dropped out due to getting pregnant. Three in ten American girls get pregnant at least once before they hit the age of 20, that means nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies a year. Less than 2% of teen mothers earn a college degree by the age of 30. Also, the United States has one of the highest teen pregnancies rates in the Western industrialized world.