Is this the new normal?


Hand flipping wooden block cubes for new normal wording. The world is changing to balance it into new normal include business , economy , environment and health.

Jayla Williams, staff writer

As Covid-19 reaches another year, many of us want to know the answer to the question of “when will things go back to normal?”

We may never get to see what we used to be able to call “normal” again. Even though cases aren’t as high right now, there will always be those few masks and six feet distance rules. There will also be more students than ever doing school at home because it’s normal now.

Quarantines will most likely fade because they aren’t stressed nearly as much as social distancing nor masks. I do believe that Covid has permanently changed the world. It may not be as bad as we think it is.

This virus has made many unsanitary conditions change all together. For example, there are more people washing their hands more frequently and wiping down items that a large amount of people have touched. Also, I think now people are taking their colds seriously.

This is actually a good thing because before Covid, people would still go to work and school with colds without thinking about how it could get someone else sick. Even though we won’t be able to experience life as we once did before the pandemic, there are still some ways we have gained advantages.