Stay in school

If you are considering dropping out, think again


Jazmine Mays, writer

High school is a stressful time everyone goes through before moving on with their lives.

Why, then, do some consider dropping out?

Some of the reasons people drop are are  drug use, depression, homeschooling or even to just give up. If you consider dropping out of high school just because you believe you can’t do it, think twice.

High school should be the best four years of your life. Yes there are stresses, but right now you barely have to do any taxes and life for most teenagers is a lot less stressful then adulthood.

My advice is to stay a kid until you are 18 and try your best in school to earn all your credits.

If you drop out of high school, your chances of getting a good job is really low unless you’re like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. You will be financially unstable and stats show that people with at least a high school degree are financially more successful throughout life and are more likely to avoid other life pitfalls.

If you drop out your first worry is having to figure out how to obtain a GED, which is not easy.

High school most of the time will pay off if you’re willing to pay attention in class, put a lot of effort into your work, and get really good grades.

If you’re considering dropping out of school, you should talk to a counselor about the decision and try to get support. Chances are you will regret your decision in the future. In all honesty, high schools shouldn’t give kids the option to drop out of high school at all. Our school offers plenty of  support for students to strive for success.

If you’re struggling to keep your grades up or if you have any other issues going on with your life, you should tell your counselor, teacher, principal or even your parents. They’re there to help you for a reason and support you no matter what.

You will barely get any opportunities if you’re a drop-out and you might even end up being a criminal or be on the street doing drugs.

If you drop out, you would miss out on all of the good memories such as prom, senior pranks, the funny moments with your friends and you might not even get to graduate with them if you think about it.

Without a high school diploma, you will have a low paying job and you’ll be stuck with your parents for the rest of your life. Think twice about your decision.

Are you willing to take the risk?