Celebrating our differences

Each of us are unique and that makes life interesting

Kat Avila, staff writer


Look around the hallways at school.

Look down the aisle at Walmart.

Look at the people sitting in the car next to you.

What do you see?

Someone looking back at you, someone thinking a thought, someone who is different from you. It’s a marvelous thing that there isn’t someone who is 100 percent just like you. All these differences make life interesting.

Imagine if we were all alike and there was nothing to distinguish us. Names would be pointless and we’d be weak against diseases and life would be boring.

There would be no different genres because everyone writes the same genre. There would be no difference in music because everyone listens to the same type of music.

There would be no different foods because everyone eats the same thing. There would be no different cultures and languages because everyone talks and thinks alike.

As human beings with the ability to express ourselves in a positive manner, we must embrace all our differences and not change them or hide them for someone else’s sake.

Don’t hide the fact that you like to watch a certain thing just because you think someone might make fun of you. Don’t be ashamed of your background and your roots.

Those types of things shape who you are. No one should hide their differences and the same goes for those who make fun at the differences of others. It is  rude and disrespectful of those who poke fun at others.

We thrive with our differences. Different ideas can become different solutions while differences among one another can make communities more vibrant and cultured.

Take the students and alumni of Ben Davis, for example; we may share similarities but none of us are exactly the same. The contrast amongst one another is what makes life interesting.

If our unique points are so important from one another then why are we putting each other down? Why do we make fun of the hobbies of others or the likes and dislikes of others?

That’s not fair nor kind. Not that we live in a fairy tale world or anything like that, cause we don’t. But, quoting Kid President here, “Aren’t we all on the same team?”

If we are we need to start acting like it and instead of putting each other down, we need to lift each other up.

We are unique and it is important to remember that.