Vanessa’s views – Senior fun

High school does not last forever, and it seems that every day is passing by faster and faster. A new batch of kids come in, meanwhile some of us are leaving. Sophomores are juniors, juniors are seniors. But seniors are now left with the choice of college, or finding a good job.

That may not seem as much stress, but as these few couple of weeks pass, the stress will appear. As college is getting closer, you may not have that much spare time in your hand. No one really likes the idea of having stress in our life, so why not get rid of it for a while. So while you’re still in high school, and have some time, why not use it correctly and have some fun before the stress comes.

Cash may or may not be a problem, but if it is, you can always grab a couple of friends and head on downtown to the canal. Take a little walk, and a couple of pictures. If you have some spare change, always feel free to rent one of their bikes, or pedal boats,

If you’re more into a New York type of feel, then head down to Mass Ave. Mass Ave. has many different little shops that you can walk into. You could buy some delicious cupcakes, cute necklaces, chill at Starbucks, or even walk into many of the jewelry shops.

If you’re more into fashion, and rather spend a couple hours shopping, Circle Center may be the place for you. Shopping is one of the greatest things in life, so why not take away your stress by shopping till you drop. Spending money right before college may not be the best idea, but walking into college with a whole new style just may be worth it.

Maybe you’re just into cars, and rather go visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Hall of fame museum. The museum is currently now open, from 9am- 5pm. March- October. It’s 8$ at ticket for an adult, 5$ for a youth. Then children under 5 get in for free. The museum is open every single day of the year, except for Christmas day.

Those are just a couple of the many fun things you can do in Indianapolis. I hope you enjoy your last couple weeks of school, and spend them wisely. Have a great summer.