Never too early to be thinking about prom

Look for ways to make it a special memory

What style are you going for in a prom dress?  Do you want long, short, sparkly or one color?

Prom dresses take a lot of thought and time. Ladies always have to look their best on this special day. It’s like the princess going to a special ball or in this case for our theme it’s getting ready to get “footloose” with your friends.

Prom isn’t always about being in the limelight and trying to look the best. It’s also about spending a night with the people you care most about. A dinner at home with your closest friends is just as memorable as an evening at a downtown restaurant.  It is about who you are with, not where.

You should also focus on who you’re going to ride with and hang out with at prom because you want to make special memories with those certain people. You should take many pictures so you can remember that moment forever. Like people always say “take a picture it will last longer”.

Prom can be costly most of the time. A website called glamour says a girl will spend on average $400-$1,139 dollars a year for prom. I don’t know about you but those are pretty high numbers.

Ladies should always try to keep themselves from spending so much money for one day a year.  Even at Ben Davis there are ways to save money.  Consider buying your dress from our counselors, who collect dresses and have them available every year.

Prom is a special day for ladies and friends so make memories cherish the moment and have fun. It is one day out of the year where you can just have fun at a school event and dance with the people that make you smile and have a good time.

Our prom this year is May 2 back at Luca Oil Stadium. The theme is Footloose. I suggest everyone just embrace the them and be prepared to make that evening a special memory. You only have a prom night once or twice in your high school career. Make it special.