How strong is your selfie game?

An obsession leading us towards social uncertainty

As the technology generation that we are known by, it has become inevitable to snap a selfie for every occasion. We seem to step up our selfie game at every opportunity possible..

The Selfie Olympics is the online trend in which people take a picture of themselves using a cellular device to share onto social media networks. The trend has become incredibly popular amongst teens; however, many are not realizing the dangers of this pretentious obsession.

Teenagers across the globe are constantly trying new creative and daring ways to impress thousands of online speculators. Unfortunately, the self-engulfing trend has already led to the death of multiple Selfie Olympians.

In Russia, a 17-year-old girl was electrocuted when she lost balance after attempting to take a selfie infront of nearby railroad tracks.

“The photo is not so much about the theme of it, but the component behind it—they play with danger,” Martin Voigt, a psychologist with Munich University, said.

The tendency to take daring self-photographs is indeed harmful because it puts adolescents in physical and emotional danger.

The use of technology has caused many teens to become self-absorbed and insecure with their image. In rare cases will people encounter a picture that has not been edited or tampered with filters. Thus, teens and children are growing up with an illusion of true beauty.

Natural beauty no longer satisfies the eye of young men and women, but rather images of ordinary people that look as they have just walked out of an America’s Next Top Model mansion. The negative attention has escalated to the rise of younger women interested in cosmetic surgery.

According to the NY Daily News, “One in three AAFPRS surgeons said they’ve seen a rise in requests because patients aren’t satisfied with the way they look in selfies and other pictures posted on social media.”

People are becoming obsessed and self-conscience with their identity and thus resorting to daring selfies and even worst plastic surgery to fulfill their thirst for attention.

The Selfie Olympics perhaps is much more than a game of creativity and the thrill of adrenaline running through the body, but rather a cry for social concern for today’s generation. Do not get me wrong, even I am guilty of being part of the popular selfie craze, yet it is crucial to recognize the thin line between enjoyment and risky behaviors.