Unanswered Questions

With Jameis Winston not receiving charges where does this case go now?

Unanswered Questions

Now that a decision has been made on the sexual assault case involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, I decided to speak my mind on this.

I understand how serious this case was but, I do not think a lot of people did. A woman was possibly raped and that is no laughing matter, which was my problem with the Florida state attorney.

He was making jokes as if he did not care about it because there was not enough evidence and he may have not realized it but he painted the young woman as a women who was just drunk, sloppy and out of control with no memory. She was portrayed as someone who was trying to bring down a very popular player at Florida State now known as Famous Jameis.

The social media filled world we live in now has taken a terrible perspective on this case. Through social media, people are taking all kinds of shots at this young woman.

It is sad that no one can truly be mature about this and think that just because there was not enough evidence does not mean the crime was not committed. Anyone who has a daughter a sister a niece or a female friend should sympathize with this woman.

Just imagine if she came to you and told you this and it was the same situation or similar to it — would you believe her no matter what and give her the benefit of the doubt? Now it is not only her and the family fighting one person,  you are fighting the world and the social media world plus the classmates at the school.

Everyone has an opinion but please think before you speak and be mature and adult about this sad and unfortunate situation. My prayers go out to that women’s family and to anyone else out there who may have this situation that has happened to them.

Please do not let this situation scare you from attempting to tell the truth and bringing someone to justice.

This case also puts a bad mark on college football. The sport just witnessed one of its greatest games ever when Auburn toppled Alabama, but the same week you have the Winston case all over ESPN and an Ohio State player flipping off the Michigan crowd as he leaves the field. And now Winston is going off to New York to likely grab his Heisman Award.

Excuse me if I don’t celebrate.