Tips on setting New Year’s resolutions

Have any changes you want to set for the coming year? Well I do and you should to. Even Sophomore Dejah Taylor says, she is going to stay positive, make a good fresh start, and be happy. “My advice to other students is do not say nothing that you know you are not going to do.”


  •  Take a good thought about a change or what to do with your life in the coming next year.


  • Be specific and realistic. For example, don’t just say you are going to stop eating fast foods. Have a calendar, and set a date for eating fast food once a month. Choose what your normal diet will be do just choose salad. Choose a different meal, and dairy product that you usually don’t settle for.


  •  Is your goal achievable? Thinking about losing 20 pounds? Well you can’t lose 20 pounds in one week, be realistic. Set a plan where are you going to work the pounds off. How, when, any reason why?


  •   Get organized. Organize your whole life. Set complete schedule. Priorities always come first.

Thinking about helping others? How are you going to help others, what reasons do you want to help others? Help people with true kindness, not just because that’s what you should do.

Theater director Kris Owens keeps his goals simple. He tries his best to keep in touch with friends and have better habits.

“I think people set unrealistic goals, they should just keep it simple,” Owens said.