A walk for peace

We Live Indy to hold its second community walk


Jennifer Moreno

Every day we wake up in a world full of violence.

Gun violence is a leading cause of death in the United States in 2018. Every day seven children and teens die from gun violence. So every day we lose a child or teen who is just now beginning their life to gun violence.

It is easy to get a gun. To get a gun all you need is a gun permit. There are 16 million people in the United States with a permit and 40 percent of states Alaska don’t require a permit to carry a firearm according to “Gunstocarry.com”.

It is easy for irresponsible teens and children to get a hold of a gun, which is what affects our country every day. Today the United States sees an increase in school shootings, teen violence and the usage of firearms illegally. While there are plenty of legitimate reasons to own a gun, sometimes they end up in the wrong hands.


Here in Indiana, we have a wonderful organization created by Warren Central student Brandon Warren. With the help of 30 other students, he created an organization called “We live Indy.” Warren created his organization last year after losing a dear friend and football teammate of his Dijon Anderson to gun violence. Seeing all the violence going on in his city made him and others want to take action to end all youth violence.

“Since starting I’ve been motivated to keep the move going after losing a plethora of friends to gun violence,” he said.

We Live Indy has given him the strength to keep making his organization bigger, known, and stronger it’s something he’s dedicated his own time, thoughts and feelings into, which makes the organization even more powerful.


Last year Warren had his first public event in August at the Peace Walk, which returns this Saturday on the near east side of Indianapolis.

“It went great last year,” he said/ “The peace rally was the jumpstart to our great community work.”

Last years walk created huge support from the community to the organization. This organization has total support from the city. The walk will start Saturday at Washington Park and the city will block off intersections at the location and escort the community attending. Warren loves the show of support from the city.


“It is wonderful to see so many people get behind this,” he said. “It provides us with support and security.”

Warren was pleased with last years event and is hoping for a larger turnout this weekend. After the walk, there will be a community day and you will get to hear powerful words and stories from victims families, students, and the mayor. These speeches will last about 45 minutes.

Afterward, you have the opportunity to enjoy vendors, food, and music. This event will not only help make a change in teen violence but it also gives you the opportunity to learn from others. If you have no plans this upcoming Saturday you should attend this event.