A little help means a lot to those in need

The BD food drive is underway


Hera Boyd, Co-editor-in-chief

The Ben Davis food drive is in action and is now taking donations. In previous years our school has collected around 30,000 – 41,000 nonperishable items for families who don’t have food during the Thanksgiving holidays. Teachers are already receiving food so don’t be left out. Bring in as many food items as you can spare to your impact teachers to donate.

“Food items that are great for donating are soup, canned veggies, tuna, mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and sauce, cereal, rice, beans, stuffing,” secretary and spearheader of the project Melissa Edwards said, “These are items that feed a bigger family and make their bellies full!”

This year’s food drive runs for two weeks but has already begun so make sure to turn in your non-perishables before November 15th, when the drive ends. There’s still time.

“We have found at the high school level running it for 2 weeks works better for us as our students are so busy with activities,” Edwards said.

The senior class officers are heavily involved with this project as well. They’re in charge of promoting it through social media, through their classes and friends. They’re also involved with sorting, checking the dates of items, packing, and will also help load up to the families.

“The food drive always makes me take a step back each year and reevaluate what I am doing to assist those that I know need help,” Edwards said, “The stories shared on the day of pick up are heartwarming and heart filled!”

Donate food to your impact teacher as soon as you can to help out and support our local families that are struggling. It feels good to help your community and great to know that what you contribute does make a difference because it most definitely does.