What “BYOD” means to you

Ashley Shuler, Editor-in-chief

For the 2013-2014, Ben Davis High School is invoking a policy called “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device). The new policy will allow students to use technology in the classroom at the discretion of their instructor.

Students are now allowed to bring their own technology device, such as a laptop, netbook, cell phone or tablet. In order to use their device throughout the day, students must use their district-provided username and password and log on to the school’s filtered wireless network.

Connection to the wireless network will ensure students are gaining access to educational content.

There has been talk but no confirmation of “district owned devices” to loan to students who do not own or do not have access to a device to use.

Teachers have been participating in workshops and discussions about how they can integrate these technologies into their lessons. For some, this will mean allowing students to view lecture notes on Google Docs; for others, this will mean allowing students to access material online on My Big Campus.

Principal Sandra Squire spoke about the new policy in a video shown to students in homeroom this morning.

“This doesn’t mean you can talk on the phone in the hallway,” Squire said. “You can use these devices for learning.”

Associate principal Rodney Smith further explained the devices can be used in most settings during the school day such as the commons area, cafeteria, hallways and classrooms as designated by teachers.

Devices are not permitted to be used in restrooms and locker rooms.

To better protect a device from damage or theft, the dress code now allows students to carry backpacks.

The high school cautions that this “BYOD” policy is at your own risk; it is not liable for stolen or broken devices, and it will not investigate cases of stolen devices.