Nearing enjoys helping animals

Exotic rescue is a place for everyone


Kate Nearing with an 8-ft, 40lbs Redtail boa at intake

Wen Jeune , staff writer

The exotic animal rescue and pet sanctuary (EARPS) is a nonprofit animal rescue group of volunteers working to aid exoctic pets, small companion animals, and non traditional pets.

EARPS was founded in 2006 and is now currently being directed by its president Heather Sokol and vice president our own ENL teacher Kate Nearing.

“EARPS is an entirely volunteer-run not-for-profit organization,” Nearing said.

EARPS is currently in need of volunteers at its rescue site. About 45% of their animals are housed at our central location in Carmel.

They need people to come in every day to feed, water, and clean.  They also need volunteers to help filter adoption applications for each species, help maintain our internet presence, and help with events.

Volunteers under the age of 16 need a parent or guardian with them when they’re volunteering, and volunteers 16-18 need a parent volunteer app on file but can volunteer on their own.  

Those interested in adopting should fill out an adoption application, and once approved, they can meet an animal or multiple animals that they’re interested in.  Adoption applications must be filled out by someone over the age of 18.

Volunteer fosters can choose the species that they are interested in or comfortable with, or they can foster multiple different species of animals.  Our biggest species of need are guinea pigs, rabbits, and rats, but we also frequently have birds, snakes, tortoises, sugar gliders, chinchillas, ferrets, Chinese water dragons, degus, mice, gerbils, etc, etc, etc.  

EARPS is currently refuging animals, the only animals they don’t take are dogs, cats, farm animals, aquatic turtles, and anything venomous.  

So if you’re interested in rescuing animals and educating yourself more about wildlife animals, head over to the EARPS facility.