It’s not just Christmas

Its not just Christmas

Mary Adams, managing editor


In the Christian religion, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. People celebrate this holiday religiously or culturally. In America, people celebrate with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and with all things winter. In Australia, Christmas falls during summer, so many people will go to the beach or go camping. Instead of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, in the UK people leave mince pies and brandy for Father Christmas. 


Hanukkah, or Chanukah, is a Jewish holiday that lasts eight days. People spend the holiday lighting the menorah and reciting prayers. The Hebrew word Chanukah means “dedication,” and Hanukkah gets its name from the rededication of the Holy Temple. This year Hanukkah starts in November and ends in December. 


Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday celebrated December 26th to January 1st.  Kwanzaa celebrates African heritage in African American culture. “Kwanzaa” means first in Swahili, and the holiday symbolizes the first fruits of the season. Celebration includes singing, dancing, feasting, and storytelling. 

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated in the UK the day after Christmas. Traditionally, it was a day off for servants to go home to families to give them Christmas boxes. The rich would also box up gifts to give to the poor. Today, people associate Boxing Day with sporting events and shopping.


Omisoka is a Japanese holiday celebrated on the last day of the year. People spend the day cleaning the house and themselves to start the new year with a clean slate. Traditionally, it was celebrated on the last day of the twelfth lunar month, but it switched to the 31st of December when Japan started using the Gregorian calendar.