Lexie Bordenkecher, editor

What was your favorite new show from last year?

Was it Netflix’s hit teen mystery/drama, Outer Banks? Or maybe Hulu’s fascinating miniseries, Little Fires Everywhere?

Well, regardless, I think we can all agree that some quality TV came out of the year 2020, and even the beginning of 2021. The streaming industry has grown 37% since the beginning of 2020. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Prime Video all added millions of new subscribers through the beginning of the pandemic, but none compared to Disney+.

Disney+ had almost doubled in subscribers from the beginning of 2020 to May. This may be because of the Disney princess movies that are in their library, and people needed to keep their kids entertained, or it could simply be because it was a relatively new service at the beginning of the pandemic.

HBO Max is another streaming service that thrived in the pandemic. It was released in May 2020, and had shows like Love Life (starring Anna Kendrick) which captured the hearts of its viewers. Despite the success of other networks, arguably the most popular shows came from Netflix. Teen mystery/drama Outer Banks was released in April 2020, and quickly became incredibly popular among teenagers due to it’s captivating plot, humor, and summer setting.

It was quickly renewed, and season 2 premiered at the end of July this year. It was arguably better than the first season, living up to the hype it brought the first time around.

Another Netflix show, Mindy Kailing’s Never Have I Ever, released a mere 2 weeks after Outer Banks. It’s quirky characters and hilarious situations also made it popular among teens. Season 2 was released in mid-July, and was just as funny as the first. It has already been released for a third season.

The most successful show Netflix has ever put out also was a product of the pandemic. Bridgerton, the diverse regency-era drama, brought in a whopping 82 thousand viewers. It premiered on Christmas day 2020, and continues to hold the title of biggest show on Netflix ever. Season 2 is currently filming, predicted to be released in early 2022, and it has already been renewed for seasons 3 & 4.

Hulu’s limited series drama, Normal People, premiered in April of 2020 and did well with critics. Which one of these shows was your favorite, or what else did you enjoy during the endless misery that was 2020?