Desperate times call for desperate measures

How are some companies and platforms benefiting from the pandemic


Mawaddah Aminou, Staff writer

The global pandemic, the coronavirus, has forced everyone into quarantine, allowing you to leave only if necessary and many people to lose their jobs.

 Stock markets are plummeting and companies are going out of business. Though people are being affected in different ways, some aren’t being affected at all. Not everyone is hurting from COVID-19, in fact, some are prospering. 

The virus is moving fast, infecting and killing many people as it moves along, but that isn’t the only thing the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on. The economy is taking a huge hit with stock markets crashing. But some companies have managed to stay afloat, companies that sell face masks, N95 respirators, and sanitizing products such as Clorox. Other companies, those that offer stay-at-home products/services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Facebook.

Though it seems like these companies are just profiting off of desperate times, we have to be grateful because that’s not the case. A lot more people would’ve gone crazy if they didn’t have Netflix to keep them entertained or a social media platform to keep them in contact with the outside world. It doesn’t seem very moral at first glance to have all these big markets around them crash while they are still afloat but we must remember that they would be in the same situation if not for the people and what they prioritised.

There are also people like who are using their platforms to help raise funds to help with equipment, to help stock hospitals, research, or to help people less fortunate and that may be suffering more than others. 

For example, Mr Beast held a $250k rock, paper, scissors tournament featuring some pretty big YouTubers like David Dobrik and Jeffree Star to help raise money to help with the pandemic. There are people like him out there, who are using their platforms to spread positivity and raise awareness and basically just do good, which is what we need right now.

Even though everyone is affected by the pandemic in different ways, some more than others, and even though some markets crash while others prosper (Zoom), there are people out there risking their lives everyday to help find a solution and to treat people who’ve already been infected. And behind them are people supporting them and trying to keep people safe. It’s not the end of the world just yet. Not without a fight.