A new beginning

We will miss him, but we are happy for him.

Mariangel Morales Aparicio, Features Editor

When students visit the student service offices, it can be for many different reasons. The most common among them is visiting your school counselor.

But the next time you visit that place, a noticeable change is that you will no longer see one of the advisors. Specifically, you will not be able to find Mike Horning  there again. After being there for the last 26 years, he will move forward to a new chapter of his career. After all, he graduated from Ben Davis in 1990, returned as an English teacher in 1994, and then started counseling in 2003. After so many years, he will leave the BD building but the good news is that he will not go very far. 

“This past month I accepted the role of guidance director at the Lynhurst 7th/ 8th Grade Center,” says Horning, who has worked at the center since March. 

Despite the change, one of the things he likes is that at both Lynhurst and Ben Davis they work to support their students. He knows that it will no longer be the same, but that in this new opportunity he “will support and continue all that is working well but improve on what is not. I will bring my experience and understanding of the end of a student’s career to help students in the beginning.”

Although he will no longer be with us at Ben Davis, he takes many memories with him. 

“I have spent all of my adult life at Ben Davis High School,” Horning said. “ I will miss the staff who have become family and friends.”

One of the things he loves about his job is being able to help others, defining himself as “a people person”, who often jokes with students that when they become famous, they don’t forget the little people.

Without a doubt, Horning has been more than a counselor, he has been part of the BD family. It will be strange not to see him in the student services offices anymore, but we wish him good luck.