Is your car ready for winter?

Camden offers advice on how to prepare for bad weather

Is your car ready for winter?

Sakia Stepp, staff writer

As the weather begins to change and winter is approaching, it is time to make sure your vehicle is winterized.

Danny Camden operates the auto repair class in the Area 31 Career Center. He instructs students on how to do everything from oil changes to transmission repairs. Camden understands how bad weather can affect a car.

“Make sure cooling is at the proper level and in good condition, also make sure the battery is fully operational, you should have it tested”, Camden said about a few of the things you should do to prepare fir winter.

Stay in the car and call for help. That is safety number one.

— Danny Camden

Camden also goes on to say that having products such as, “blankets, gloves, some sort of granola bar, a bottle of water, jumper cables, even a small bag of sand in case you get stuck on ice is good to have in your car. Along with a charged cell phone for emergencies.”

Other items you should carry include windshield wiper fluid, a hand-held blade to keep your windshields clean, a change of clothes and paper towels.

If you ever get stuck stranded somewhere you should always stay in your car and call for help before trying to walk anywhere. Most accidents happen when you leave the confines of your vehicle.

Camden also suggests having an expert look over your car as winter approaches.

“Most vehicles need more active observations, and more active monitoring of cooling protection levels and battery levels,” said Camden, who says most auto shops or hardware stores will carry whatever supplies you need.

Camden’s best advice if you get in trouble on the road in the winter is simple.

“Stay in the car and call for help,” he said. “That is safety number one.”