Love of music brought David to BD


Kathy Rodriguez

Jason David works with a student during music theory class.

Shelby Jackson, staff writer

Jason David, a choir teacher for eight years, has always had a love for music.

“I wanted to make sure that younger generations had an opportunity to gain the life lessons and valuable experiences that I was fortunate enough to have gained from being in choir,” David said when asked why he chose to become a choir teacher.

Although David didn’t want to always be a choir teacher and he considered getting into the music industry instead beforehand, his students are a huge part of his teaching.

“My students push me to be the very best that I can be every day,” David said.

David learns just as much from his students as they do from him. Teaching is a very rewarding job and “there is nothing like the feeling of creating music with people who are just as passionate about it as yourself.”

David’s students are a huge impact on his love of music and who he is as a teacher. 

Music is also a very important part of life whether your a student or teacher.

“Music teaches some incredibly important life lessons and being a great musician requires many skills that transfer to life,” David said.

Music isn’t just something everyone listens to for fun, it teaches your worth ethic, discipline, improvisation, striving for excellence, and being resilient. 

His students performed in a play with the original cast from Aladdin on Broadway on one of their trips to New York City.

“It was an incredible moment to see my students performing with Broadway professionals during a live performance,” David said.

It has been one of his favorite memories from being a choir teacher since.